Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chemo has started

Barbara and I are now in Boston at a really nice B&B near Dana Farber. Chemo officially started yesterday. So far, it has been quite painless and uneventful. It consists of two kinds of pills most days and an "infusion" twice a week. We decided to stay here in case there were any problems with any of the chemo drugs, which so far there have not been. I still feel fine - or at least no worse - probably slightly better because of all the steroids.

There is one potential side effect which has Barbara rather worried. They tell me that I might start talking much more than normal. I agree that this could be a frightening prospect.

Lots of pills. Perhaps if the motor-mouth effect extends to my blogging, I will have more to day about the pill thing over the next few days.

We will be here until the second infusion on Saturday after which time we will be heading back to NH to see our cats.

Regarding, these blogs, people should not expect them to be frequent or even regular. I intend to update them as I feel that I have something interesting to report - or possibly as I think of an entertaining thought or perspective to mention. This is why signing up for auto notification might be a good idea.

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