Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another Winter Wonderland in New Hampshire

Happy Winter, everyone. I am currently in New Hampshire on "Break Week" and my brother, Ken, is visiting. Barbara is at Fox Hill Village (FHV) in Massachusetts. She thinks that FHV is "Going South" for the Winter. Other than slipping on the ice.

Barbara's broken patella is healing nicely. This is because she is religious about doing her assigned exercises - a half hour three times a day followed by icing. She went from using two crutches to one and then stopped using that one when she realized that she was mostly just carrying it in her hand and using it only as a potential husband correction device. She now goes to a nearby fitness center for physical therapy which she does not mind because it is right next to a Designer Shoe Warehouse. The one area where her progress has been very limited has been in her ability to scoop cat litter. She is somehow managing during my trip to NH, but I will have to take that over again when I get back. She says it could be months before she can do that on a continuing basis. Possibly years.

New Hampshire has been getting absolutely hammered by snow.  We had about two feet in the ground yesterday and I think we got another 6 - 8 inches last night. We have a plow guy who comes after every storm, he does not do a great job, so I have to go out on the tractor and clean up a bit. I'll bet you can imagine how much I hate having to use the tractor.

Meanwhile, I have a new computer thing going on. I have always been fascinated by 3-D photography and viewing. In the 70s, I even had an old camera that took "3D" photos and I now have hundreds of really cool 3D photos that I almost never look at. The next step beyond this is Virtual Reality (aka "VR"). This is like 3D on Steroids.

It might sound silly, but 3 1/2 years ago when I first learned of my illness, one thought that really upset me was that  VR for consumers was just around the corner and that I was going to miss it. That actually made me pretty angry. Well - a couple of months ago, I realized that I had made it past that corner and that VR would be an ideal platform for flight simulators - especially helicopter flight simulators. So, I took out the old Visa card and purchased an Oculus Rift VR system along with a screamer computer to run it. More details would be really boring at this point, but suffice it to say that I am having a blast with it. The best thing is that Ken is actually more into 3D and VR than I am and he too is purchasing a VR system. He has this crazy idea that he and I will both run War Thunder and he will blast me out of the sky. We'll see about that!