Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Blog Doesn't Work

I have been advised by a number of people that this blog does not work. Well - the blog itself works, but most people can't sign up for updates and people seem unable to leave comments.

People have asked me for what amounts to tech support on the blog. Sorry - I understand your frustration. In fact I share your frustration. But I will not be providing tech support. It is not how I want to spend my time.

Well - actually, this posting is tech support. But it will be the last tech support.

It seems there are two problems: Comments and Subscriptions.

I tried to leave my own comment and it asked me to select an account to "Comment As". Mostly I did not understand what they were asking me for. It worked when I selected "Comment as Anonymous", but if you choose this option, please include your name in the posting.

In the second case, I managed to leave the comment using my GMail account. In my case, this choice showed up as "Warren(Google)", so I assume this was as my GMail account, but I am not sure.  I don't know what you do if you don't have a gmail account. Maybe you are stuck using Anonymous, although there is at least one person who left a comment using some other system.

Regarding signing up for notification. I tried this today using a non-gmail account and it appears to have taken it. It sent me an email asking me to confirm the email address which I did. We'll see if I get a notification when I post this. Note that I think I tried this earlier today and it did not work.

So that is the end of the tech support on the blog. If you want to leave a comment and can't manage it, feel free to send me an email directly. If you try to sign up for support and it won't let you, feel free to send me another email letting me know and if I get enough of them, I will try to set up a mail list to tell you when there is a new posting.

But I really don't feel like doing tech support on

Now we will see if I get notified as to this posting. I will try to leave a comment on it as to whether or not I get notified.

I thought that computers were supposed to make our lives easier.



  1. So far, I have not received notification that there was a new posting to the blog. Perhaps there is a time delay. More likely, like much else in the realm of modern software, the feature simply does not work. So, if you want to be notified, please send me an email and I will add you to a list of people to whom I send an email when I add a posting.

  2. I just re-read the confirmation to my subscription. The message implies that it will notify me at the end of the day if there have been postings during that day. So, I think I have to wait until tomorrow to get notified that there was a posting today. I will let you know

  3. Captain, I am going to be admitted to a hospital for surgery next Monday. Simple knee surgery but i'm scared half to death. I am taking comfort from the fact that you seem to be surviving your personal ordeal with courage & great humor. I can only hope to do as well. Our prayers & thoughts are with you. Captain Bell

  4. It turns out that the subscription feature DOES work. At least it works for me. It just waits until the end of the day to send you the notification. And based upon the fact that someone else was able to leave a comment, it appears that comments are working as well.

  5. I watch my friends/colleagues blogs using a Firefox add-on that feeds RSS articles as a news ticker. Your blog doesn't work with that. It's not the first time the feed hasn't worked. There are always bookmarks...

  6. hi Warren - Jim said to tell you that he gets notifications of updates and I was able to post with a name earlier and I think it's safe to say of all your friends, I am the least tech savvy - so we'll all figure it out - save your energy to use with Barbara and the medical people to make the most of your treatments - let us know how that's going when you can and our thoughts are with you - Jim and Elaine