Monday, October 21, 2013

Visit to the Bone Doctor

This morning, Barbara and I headed down to Hookset, NH to see Dr. Danny Simms. Dr Simms is an oncologist who specializes in bone problems.

The reason for this is that since my original back injury, I have been rather crippled up by back pain that does not seem to be getting better. I can sit at the computer or sit and read, but walking around can be uncomfortable. And forget lifting anything. So the doctors at Dana Farber recommended that we go see Dr. Simms.

There is nothing too exciting to report relative to this visit. He talked to us for a while and then looked at my X-Rays and Cat Scan. He then poked me a few times in lots of places and said, "Hmmmmm..".

Actually, he seemed very competent and knowledgeable and gave us a lot of helpful advise regarding exercise, diet, etc.

They then gave me an "infusion" of a bone strengthener called Zometa.They have a whole bunch of other names for it as well. I think this is so that if you learn the first name, they can start using some of the others to keep you confused.  It is a chemical that is supposed to slow down bone loss - mostly for little old ladies with osteoporosis.  Check it out at

Anyway, it should help my bones heal faster. Wish me luck. 

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