Friday, November 14, 2014

Mystery Shirt

As you may have noticed, I try not to update the blog unless I have something to report. Normally, the updates are after a visit with a doctor, but this one is not, so there is noting very new on the medical front. I will say that I am still solidly on the plateau and the numbers that have come in since the last update confirm this. It would be good if they were dropping, but at least they are not going up.

The reason for this update is that I received a mystery gift in the mail about a week ago. It was a very humorous shirt which I really like. Unfortunately, there was no indication as to who it was who sent the gift. Here is a photo of the shirt being modeled by a particularly attractive male model:

So - I am guessing that whoever sent the shirt is a blog reader. To you, whoever you are, 'fess up if you want - or not if you wish to remain anonymous. Either way, know that I am enjoying the shirt.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, our renovation continues and seems to be on track for us to move back into our unit during Thanksgiving week. We are anxious to have our own place again. A friend slipped this cartoon under our door. I really feel like this guy:

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