Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spending time in the Workshop

We are just wrapping up "Chemo Round 5" of this regimen and I am once again on a "break week" which means that we only had to go to Hookset once this week. It also means that we are spending the week in Meredith rather than doing our usual Meredith to Westwood on Monday and Westwood to Meredith on Thursday - both with chemo stops in Hookset. We plan to do that for the next couple of weeks.

We met with the Hookset oncologist yesterday and he says I am doing very well. Side effects of the chemo are minimal and the numbers look good. As of now, the current plan is for me to get three more cycles (3 weeks each) of chemo and then to stop the chemo to see if I have managed to get myself into remission. Alternatively, if the numbers stabilize, they might skip the last cycle or two. Meanwhile, Cycle 6 will start this coming Monday. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, I am happy to report that I am feeling pretty good - a bit better than at the same point in the last cycle. I still can't lift everything that tempts me, and my back is a bit stiff, but I did spend some time on the tractor a couple of days ago. I can turn around and look behind me and that is a big improvement. I have also been spending a fair amount of time in my workshop. I finished the desk I was building for use at Fox Hill Village and we brought it down to FHV during our last visit. It is great to have a reasonable place to sit and work at the computer. Here is a picture of the desk

I also have a garden plot - OOPS - we are NOT supposed to call them "plots". I meant "garden bed". It is about 4 x 15 feet and I have managed to plant a few rows of lettuce, chard, beets and turnips. Almost everyone else is planting flowers. I hope the veggies don't feel out of place. I understand that rabbits get into the garden area and eat everything anyway. I am also hoping to plant a garden area here in Meredith as well.

We also now have a pet duck. Well - sort of. Last year, a mother duck set up a nest in our bushes and eventually managed to hatch 4 little ducklings. Today we noticed that she is back, having set up her nest under a bush in our front yard. There were 11 eggs in there today.

Meanwhile, Barbara has hired a decorator for FHV. He and his assistant came up to Meredith to "see how we live" and to get ideas of what we might like at Fox Hill Village. Barbara seems to have this well under control and I try to do my part by staying out of the way.

There is one other thing to celebrate: The fact that I can celebrate. Yes - that's right. I can have a glass of wine with dinner this week if I want, since I am not on chemo (after Monday). So, the question is,
How shall I celebrate?" I know - I think I will have a glass of wine!!!