Friday, May 30, 2014

Ready for SST ?

On Wednesday, we met with the Dana-Farber Oncologists. They went over the lab results - which continue to look very good and they have decided that it is time for my stem cell transplant (SST). The only problem is scheduling. They do not want a gap between the end of chemotherapy and Stem Cell Harvest, because they don't want to give the cancer any more time than necessary to recover prior to harvesting stem cells.

So - on Thursday, I called the scheduling nurse to coordinate. She told me that it could be August before they can fit me into their schedule and that this would not be a problem since they could simply continue the chemo while I am waiting for a slot. You can imagine how thrilled I was with the opportunity for three rounds (9 weeks) of unnecessary chemo. I asked her to please make sure that this was OK with the oncologists.

This morning (Friday), I received an email from a different scheduling nurse setting up a whole bunch of pre-transplant tests in about a week, so I called her. She gave me the impression that the other nurse had had a change of heart as to when I would get the transplant (after checking with the oncologists?). So possibly, I will be starting the transplant process sooner rather than later. Apparently, they want to surprise me.

The scheduling nurse who told me that I might get my transplant in August is apparently not in today, so I will hopefully find out more on Monday. Either way, all the news at this point is good. At least they are highly encouraged by the numbers.

Meanwhile, Barbara and I have been in Westwood for the last few days. When people "leave" Fox Hill Village, they are typically not in a position to take their furniture with them. Some is taken by relatives, but other furniture is donated to FHV and placed in a basement storage area where residents can purchase it - sort of like a continuing yard sale. Barbara watches this area carefully and recently discovered a very nice dining room set - which has now been purchased and moved into our apartment. Our place actually now looks lived in. I am not completely without sin in this regard because I found a very nice marble topped coffee table which is now in front of the couch in my office.

Meanwhile, I continue to feel pretty good and apparently, I look pretty good as well. A friend who just returned from Florida told me that I did not look nearly as bad as he expected me to. So I guess that is more good news. 

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