Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving and Clinical Trial Started

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Well, actually, Happy Day Before Thanksgiving.

I just started my clinical trial of CC0-220 (whatever that means) today. I will be taking this drug orally for the next 21 days and then I have 7 days off.

I can't say that I am thrilled. I was hoping to get a trial that combined this drug with Velcade. There are four "cohorts" and I got the one with Dexamethosone, but no Velcade. Also, I would rather be on the treatment from a year ago, but I am not. Long story there.

Before starting this clinical trial, they provided me with a "consent form". In the consent form, there was a list of possible side effects - 8 pages of side effects. I kid you not. Eight pages. Most of them, I already have to some degree or another.

This morning, they did a preliminary blood draw in "Laboratory Services". I then had an exam with a nurse practitioner on Floor 7. I then went to "Infusion" on Floor 6 where they gave me IVIG. They gave also me the 10 Dex tablets and drew 12 vials of blood and then gave me the actual CC-220 drug. Next they will wait 3 hours, draw more blood then wait another 2 hours and draw still more blood. That will be the end of the blood samples for today, presumable because by then I will be completely empty.

I have always previously been treated on Floor 7. Treatment for this clinical trial is on floor 6. I feel like I have been demoted. Plus my favorite nurse is on Floor 7. But the floor 6 nurses also seem very nice, though it might take them a while to get used to me.

On the bright side, they have a candy bowl on Floor 6..

So, now Barbara and I have 5 hours to kill while they watch me in case there are disastrous side effects. So far so good. I am using my time to process email and work on the cancer blog. Those on the joke list will also most likely benefit.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

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  1. Warren,
    It really is a shame they took you off Velcade. I may be showing my loyalty to Takeda - having worked there in my youth - but it's an effective drug. Do you know why they did, other than the fact that you had a stroke? At the time I worked there it was MLN-341, one of the earliest biologic treatments out there and I *think* it was in early clinical trials. Say the word and I'll smuggle some over the border. ;)

    BTW I never did thank you for the bowl you made me. It's exclusively a sugar-free candy bowl and it's acquired many admirers. I'd say more about the candy because you were sweet to teach me as much as you did but I'd be referring to sugar alcohols and that some would think makes Whitman's chocolates look superior (ick). But I do fill it with candy with erythritol. I hope you're cool with that. If you think it should be filled with other things, say the word.

    Rooting for you,
    Tina W