Friday, July 5, 2019

Travel Complications

Our cruise to the Baltic ran into some complications.

We are currently in a hospital in Visby Sweden on the Island of Gotland.

We were having a great time on t cruise around the Baltic Sea when I became ill. Mostly, I was very weak and very tired. I had some discomfort in my abdomen. They moved me to the local hospital where I have been ever since. They tell me that I have appendicitis.

They have been treating me with oral and IV antibiotics with the idea of avoiding surgery. After the first day, this seemed to be knocking down the disease, but there was no further progress on the third day as hoped. As of yesterday, they seemed to be leaning toward the surgery - which is apparently no big deal. At least not to them.

There is a big convention on the island, so there are no hotel rooms available. The room they gave me is beautiful with an ocean view. It is large, so they moved in a second bed which they are allowing Barbara to use. Very nice of them.

I am not feeling all that bad. I am tired and spend a lot of time sleeping, but I am not in pain. We are being treated very well. The hospital seems excellent and we are hoping to be back in the Boston / NH area soon.

As I write this, it is 8:30 AM and we are waiting for the doctors to come by. they took blood samples at 6:00 and I think they will want those results before they decide whether or not to operate. We have been in contact with doctors in Boston - both our primary doctor and my Multiple Myeloma doctor. They agree that whacking out the appendix is probably the best solution at this time.

I will try to use this blog as a means of letting people know what is going on.

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