Friday, February 22, 2019

Mose Nose

I was not sure whether or not to do an update, but I could not resist the subject line. Actually, Barbara tells me that is it spelled "Mohs" rather than "Mose" but I took poetic license.

This morning, I had Mohs Surgery on my nose. Some time ago, I developed a sort of wart-looking thing on my nose. I liked it. Thought it added character to my visage. Barbara did not. She insisted that I visit a dermatologist. They said it was some sort of basal skin cell carcinoma. They recommended Mohs Surgery.

So, this was how we spent our morning. Not all that bad really. I now have a big bandage on my nose. It makes me look a little like Bozo the Clown, though the bandage is (unfortunately) white rather than red. They said I might end up with a black eye or two. I will tell people that Barbara hit me. They will no doubt express surprise that it she did not do so sooner.

All went well this morning and my "Mose Nose" seems to be well under controls.

Where I am not doing less well right now is that my Multiple Myeloma numbers are going up. This means that my doctor's latest treatment idea, avoiding the drug that he thinks caused my stroke, is not working. We need to meet with him soon to discuss other treatment options - of which he says there are quite a few. On the other hand, he does not seem to be in that much of a hurry because he says my numbers are going up slowly enough that dealing with this is not urgent.

Easy for him to say. But I am not freaking out about this.

So, that is the report.

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