Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Getting my head examined

  Apparently, I have had a stroke. Not that I am paralyzed or anything like that - I just have intermittent bouts of severe dizziness. When this happens, I can't walk without leaning on something or using a walker. It first happened last Friday. The first couple of times it hit me, I was so  dizzy that I got motion sickness and threw up - once so violently that I fractured a rib. It was not to bad over the weekend, but on Monday, my PCP sent me to get an MRI - of my head. Barbara agreed that getting my head examined was a good idea; she had been recommending this for years.
  So, here is sit at the Brigham - and I don't mean the one with all the flavors. Spent all day yesterday waiting for a "neurological workup". They want to figure out what caused the stroked in the first place. They don't want me to have any more - since strokes are generally not regarded as good things.

  Last night, they moved me into a regular room. I am waiting for something, but I am not sure what.
  Maybe I will finally get caught up on some of the computer stuff.

Yesterday, one of "neurology" doctors stopped by to talk to me. His name was "Doctor Young" and if ever a guy was aptly named it was he. This guy looked like he was barely out of diapers. I expected him to take notes using crayons. Fortunately, he did not bring his Teddy Bear into the room with him. Barbara figures he must be some sort of prodigy.

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