Friday, April 15, 2016

Out on Parole

They let me out of the hospital on parole a couple of days ago.  I learned two things from this release process. (1) It is a lot easier to get into a hospital than it is to get out. and (2) Rumors of impending release are often greatly exaggerated.

They had actually been talking about letting my go home "in a couple of days" since the first day I spent there. They were all set to let me go on Tuesday. I had just called Barbara and told her that I wold be out in a half hour and that she could come get me. Then, not 60 seconds later, a doctor walked in and said, "We have decided it would be good to give you some immunoglobulin. We will give it to you overnight, so you can leave in the morning." After an hour or so, they changed their minds again and decided to give me the "IVIG" during the next day, so I would be there for nearly another 24 hours.

So, Barbara drove into Boston to fetch me back to back to Fox Hill Village on Wednesday. This time they actually let me go. It might have had more to do with my increasing orneriness than the state of my health.

Yesterday, we were both in pretty rough shape. I had a bad headache and was really tired, so I spent a lot of time sleeping. The cats where a big help here as role models. Meanwhile, Barbara has a really bad cold. Between the two of use, we did a lot of stereo coughing and we are going around trying to avoid infecting each other.

I feel better today than I did yesterday, but I still have the bad headache and a sort of messed-up stomach. I also still have the very bad cough, as does Barbara. We made it down to the Friday Lunch Buffet today and while I did not manage to stuff myself with my usual quantities of food, I did manage to eat enough to not be embarrassed. Funny that nobody wanted to sit with us as we were coughing away at each other.

I am still on  IV antibiotics. Before I left the hospital, they installed something called a "PICC Line" (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter). Ultimately, I should be able to give myself the IVs, but for a few days, they send a visiting nurse to train me and make sure I can do this by myself. Today, I played pretty stupid, because the nurse they sent was really cute and I am hoping that if she thinks I am really helpless, she will figure that she has to come back.

I also had another great idea. I figure that I have this IV line and it should be good for something. I also have these big hypos filled with antibiotic juice that I "push" into the IV line and that are then empty. I am wondering why I couldn't just refill the antibiotic hypo with some Jack Daniels or whatever. Pretty clever, huh? Barbara does not think this would be a good idea, but I would be curious as to what the rest of you think.

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  1. Personally, I would go with a fine small batch bourbon, such as Blantons. Hope you both are feeling better!