Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Tomorrow is Easter. Happy Easter everyone. How glorious today has been. In fact most of the week has been pretty great.I have been in New Hampshire enjoying the wonderful weather. Barbara has been at Fox Hill keeping the cats company. Things here are great:

  • The computer problems described in the last blog have all been fixed.
  • The ice is gone from the lake.
  • Maple Sap is running - or at least it was earlier today.
  • There is a herd of about 7 beautiful deer wandering outside in the yard eating our bushes. Or at least there was until I chased them away. Lovely creatures they are - especially when they are eating the neighbors' bushes instead of ours. 
  • The sap boilers are running strong.I gathered about 30 gallons of sap today and I hope to boil that down to about 2 gallons so that I can fit it in the refrigerator until I get back to "finish" it. 

I had though that "sugaring" was done for the year after my previous visit to New Hampshire. But then we got a cold snap followed by warm weather and another "run" of sap, so I came back up. I did several batches this week.  

Mostly I have been feeling pretty good and my most recent numbers are the best they have been in quite a while. I do get really tired and some days I sleep a lot. I think I learned this from the cats. They are still the champs and I am trying to learn everything I can from them.   

One problem is that I sometimes get some pretty bad cramps in my legs and ankles at night. I can generally get up and "walk them off" in 5 minutes or so. The doctors say to drink Tonic Water. I have tried that and it does not seem to make any difference at all. Maybe as the weather warms up I will try adding some Gin to the Tonic. Maybe with some lime. Can't hurt.

The other thing that someone suggested is drinking pickle juice. Weird, huh?  So, I have been eating a lot of pickles and drinking the juice. That doesn't help either, but it turns out that I really enjoy the pickles, so I have been continuing with that treatment. 

I will be heading back to Fox Hill tomorrow morning to have Easter Dinner with Barbara and some friends, I am looking forward to that, but New Hampshire is so pretty that I hate to leave. 

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  1. Try eating bananas for the leg cramps. Increases your potassium. Works for me.