Sunday, June 7, 2015

Glorious Weekend

Barbara and I just wrapped up a glorious weekend here at the lake with a fine dinner on our porch overlooking the water. Weekends like this are the reason we love living in New Hampshire - at least in the Spring and Summer.

This weekend we actually got to spend a good bit of time on the boat. It would have been even better if the boat had been in the water instead of on the trailer next to the garage. We spent our time scrubbing away part of the mold and mildew from the winter. With any luck, we will have it in the water by July 4. The challenge then will be getting the engine running.

We have been very active both here and at Fox Hill Village. A while ago Barbara convinced me that it would be a good idea to participate in our town't annual "Town-wide Yard Sale Day". I must have been drinking when I agreed to this, but it actually went quite well. Normally, I spend Yard Sale Day going around shopping for great deals, but this year I mostly stayed home and worked as a sales clerk. Here is a picture - most of the stuff was inside. You can see that we were selling everything but the kitchen sink. Oh - wait. That thing to the right of the wheel barrow IS  a kitchen sink.

Barbara says we cleared $872.40 which is really great, unless you think about how much we must have spent acquiring all that stuff. And that doesn't count the truck-load of valuable merchandise that ended up at our "Community Thrift Store" after the sale. Actually, I tried to convince Barbara that most of the stuff we sold was stuff that I had bought at previous yard sales and that we had actually made a great deal of money on it. Unfortunately, Barbara is not that gullible.

I have also spend a lot of time over the last month doing some farming. Actually, I have two farms. One is here in Meredith and the other is at Fox Hill Village. My Meredith farm is 12 x 12 feet and hosted by our friends John and Margie on their land near our house. That one is all planted and some of the veggies are starting to come up.

My Fox Hill Village farm is much more stressful. I have a smaller plot - oops - we are not supposed to call them "plots" at Fox Hill Village. Hits a bit too close to home for some of the older residents. Anyway, I have parcel at Fox Hill Village that is 4' x 14' and this is where all the stress comes from. The problem is peer pressure. Last time we were there, I checked and found out that none of the seeds I had planted were sprouting - probably because it was a dry as a desert there and that I was not there to do the watering. Mine was the barest plot - I mean parcel - in the garden area as you can see by the photo below:

I rushed out and purchase a bunch of little plants to stick in there. I bought whatever was available at Home Depot. I even bought some sweep potato plants - not because I like sweet potatoes or because I thought there would do well, but because there were nine plants in the package. When I got back to Fox Hill, I just stuck them in sort of at random wherever there was a empty area. I can't wait to get back there to see if any of my plants are still alive.

The other source of stress is that I am changing insurance companies because I am going onto Medicare. This is probably going to cost more than staying with my current provider. It is probably just as well that I am changing providers because I just read in the paper that my current provider is leaving the state of New Hampshire. I could be a major part of the reason. Anyway, the transition could be interesting - let's hope it is not too interesting.

So, as you can tell from this report, I have mostly been feeling pretty good and pretty lively. The cancer numbers are holding steady or dropping a little bit which is good news. We head down to Fox Hill Village on Tuesday and start Cycle 17 on Wednesday; I can hardly wait. 

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