Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy Rainy 4th of July.

We did not plan to be here at Fox Hill Village today. We had an appointment at Dana Farber yesterday (late) and our plan was to come back to FHV for dinner and get an early start back to NH in the morning. This was not to be.

The Clinical Study people decided that since DFCI was closed on Friday, we have to go in on Saturday. Fortunately, we have a very early appointment (7:30 UGHhhh). They will give me a series of 3 EKGs over 10 minutes, then feed me my Panobinostat, wait 3 hours and then give me another 3 EKGs. Then we get to drive to NH. Fortunately, traffic should not be too bad.

Then we will return for more appointments on Monday.

New Hampshire is really beautiful at this time of year. At least that's what they tell us. Hopefully, we will be able to spend more time there after next week.

I should not complain. The doctor we had in Hookset was very good, but we really like the Dana Farber doctors a LOT better - mostly because they tell us that I can have wine with dinner even with the chemo. This is clearly a superior protocol.

I think this is our longest single stay at Fox Hill Village so far. My little garden area is doing well. This morning (before the rain started), I went out, did some weeding and harvested some arugula, lettuce and three giant turnips.

The good part about being here is that FHV put on a great July 4 lobster feast which Barbara and I enjoyed greatly. And we did not have to step foot outside in the rain to enjoy it. 

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