Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nothing new to report

There really isn't much new to report, but I guess that in itself is worth reporting. Also, it has been a while since I have written anything.

I am almost two weeks into the new chemo regimen they are trying on me. This is very similar to the last one. With the old one, I was taking Decadron(Desametasone), Velcade(borteezomib) and Revlimid (lenolidomide). With the new sequence, they have replaced the Revlimid with two other drugs: Cytoxan  (cyclophosphamide) and Pomalyst. No idea yet if or how well this is working or even when we will know. I am also still taking Zometa to promote bone healing.

The good news is that in spite of the drugs (or more likely because of them), I have been feeling pretty good for the last couple of weeks. While I get very tired very easily, my mobility has been better. Last week, with help from Barbara, I was able to mount a large heater onto the ceiling of my workshop. I also spent an hour or so outside using the front-end loader on the tractor to move snow around the driveway. We have about two feet on the ground and the banks left by the plow guy were leaving not much space for actual cars in the driveway, so I made some adjustments.

We also had a fairly busy social schedule last week. We had people to dinner on Wednesday and Saturday and we went over to the home of friends on Friday. Saturday we attended "Martinis in the Snow" party (only in New Hampshire) held by other friends. This plus two trips to Hookset for chemo kept us pretty busy.

This coming week will also be pretty busy. On Monday, we will go to Manchester for an MRI. Tuesday, we are back in Hookset, NH for chemo (Cytoxin and Zometa). From there, we head to Boston to stay overnight before meeting on Wednesday with the Dana Farber doctors. We then get to go back to Meredith on Wednesday. My brother is coming up over the weekend and will stay for several days. We are planning to go to a play on Saturday night. That should be fun.

So far, side effects of the new chemo have not been too bad.  I have not yet lost my sense of taste, so I am still enjoying my food. I do get tired and besides sleeping for 8 hours a night, I have started taking a nap in the afternoon.

We are looking forward to closing on our Pied-a-Terre in Westwood at the end of the month. So far, we have ordered one piece of furniture for it. This will be nice sleeper couch that we can either sit or sleep on. It will be a bit sparse, but what else could we need?

So, that is all for now. I will report more when we know more.


  1. Glad you are at least feeling better. Can't wait for Dana Farber report. I pray it is good news.

    thanks for sharing Barbara with me…I needed that!

    Hugs, prayers and energy! Joan

  2. Awesome, glad to hear that you're staying active! Martinis in the come I didn't receive an invite? :P